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Pink&White breathable plastic chastity cage

Pink&White breathable plastic chastity cage

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Innovative design
The design team's latest idea, the double ring shape perfectly conforms to the characteristics of the human body structure. g fits the human body better and is not easy to escape, the novel design of the ventilation holes greatly reduces the humidity and stuffiness caused by other chastity locks on the market after a long time wearing, providing a comfortable nest for your little bird.
Safe materials -
Made of medical grade plastic material, it not only provides a strong and reliable cage, but also does not cause any irritation to humans. The bird's health is taken care of at all times.
A wide range of colours -
With a colourful design, there is always a colour that will strike a chord in your heart.
【Material】 Body: Medical grade plastic, always take care of your bird's health. Provides a strong and reliable cage.
【Weight】Net weight approx. 165g
【Size】Cage length approx. 58mm, inner diameter approx. 31mm Ring size: 40mm,43mm,48mm,52mm

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